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Sicily's natural beauty and wonder remain a vivid memory and my earliest inspiration.  As a young adult living in upstate New York and later in California, I developed a real enthusiasm for documenting the world around me through visual stories. I had the opportunity to photograph the dramatic landscape and fascinating wildlife while living
in Alaska.

A passion for over 30 years, photography has given me a wide breadth of experience from creating a living memory of everyday life to capturing moments of grit and raw emotions. I have photographed subjects ranging from pee-wee football players to professional sports athletes, and from Hollywood celebrities attending the Oscars and Grammys to children posing in their favorite dance recital costumes.

My goal is to capture the true authenticity of the moment in every photograph I take for my clients and for my editorial assignments. These photos are a part of me; I hope you will see what I see.

As an artist, I thrive on making art that bursts with energy. Using a process I call contemporary in camera art, I create pieces that uniquely possess the vibrant flowing qualities of color and movement. These photographs offer a new experience of seeing life through a different lens.

"Set your imagination free and let the artwork speak to you..."
​                                                                                      ~Thomas La Barbera

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